How to...

What if Zoo animals could help children solve their problems?

Facilitating learning and behavioural changes.
When you want to reduce hazardous behaviour around food and prevent illnesses.
When you want to manage your money better.
When being afraid is a problem.

Dr Albert’s curious game

When allergies are a problem.

Hats with stories

The power and magic of stories.

Questions seeking answers

Light, engaging, entertaining stories that help you think and grow.

Facilitating learning and behavioural changes.
When shouting is a problem.
When the problem is our self-image.
Do we need to tell others we love them?
When our emotions affect the people around us.
When we don’t use “please”, “thanks” and “sorry” enough. 
When lies are a problem.
Because we don’t always value the most important things in our lives.
Who loses most when we get our own back?

Planet Change and the changiers

When the problem is related to anger and tantrums.


Books that children enjoy reading.

A new adventure every day.
Uma nova amiga
Showing a new friend why Lighthouse Village is such a fantastic place.
Alice is getting a kitten.
Uma visita a quinta
A busy day at Mill Farm.
The best birthday ever!
Um dia no mar
A boat trip and an unforgettable story.
A ballet show with three possible leads!
The best Christmas ever!
We all have our own special talent.
Truly incredible holidays!
A very original Christmas parade!
Looking after a family is harder than it looks!
The Oceans need all of our help!