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Rita Vilela

Dream – Learn – Change
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Short bio

With a degree in psychology, Rita Vilela has also been a trainer for over 20 years.

Having had over 50 books published in Portugal and a dozen internationally, she writes mainly for children and young people. Nurturing a love for reading, Rita helps her readers learn, planting seeds of change with her words.

Her children’s books delight readers, but they also work simply and effectively to open doors to important subjects. These opened doors allow for converstions to be started about subjects as diverse as affection, self-esteem, fears, lies, arguments, environmental issues, money management, food safety and hygiene and allergies, among others.

Parents, educators and therapists have widely begun to use Rita’s tales and metaphors as a base upon which to improve interactions and induce behavioural changes.

The author of fantasy and adventure collections “The 7 colours of Oniris”, “Merlin’s Descendants” and “The Heroes of Andosia”, Rita has also won-over young people who had never liked reading before, her stories even becoming favourites among adults.

In addition to creating her own adventures, she also writes in partnership with two bestselling authors, Margarida Fonseca Santos and Maria Teresa Maia Gonzales.