Merlin’s Descendants


The History we’ve learned… the legends we’re told… it’s all connected!
Magic exists and is passed on through blood ties, from parents to children, from generation to generation.
Anyone who thinks that the story of Camelot is only about a king and his knights should take a closer look at the queen’s life.
There is a good reason why the Portuguese national anthem talks about “sea heroes” and a “brave nation”.
When you hear the true story of Count Dracula, it all starts to make sense.
The medieval legend that served as inspiration for the Lord of the Rings trilogy led to the birth of the cruellest of Merlian enemies.

Special World


A computer game ruled over by gods empowered to change our world.
Three young people with useless superpowers are mankind’s only hope.

The Heroes of Andosia


Sometimes, heroes can be found in the most unexpected places.
A strange nightmare and a broken bed mark the beginnings of an adventure…

The 7 colours of Oniris


The fantastic story of a magical world
The gods are watching, and they take sides…
Overcome the challenges, make Oniris whole again.
The prophecy says: two siblings will rule Oniris, and their reign will bring peace once again.
The Comics of The 7 Colours of Oniris.